Diwali 2020: With the help of these tips, take full care of skin during Diwali cleaning


It is normal for the weather to change before the arrival of Diwali, but it directly affects our skin. As soon as the atmosphere starts to feel cold, our skin starts feeling stretched and this is the time when we also do house cleaning. In such a situation, the bad skin stretched by dust starts to get worse, which bothers us throughout the winter. Therefore, it is very important that the skin is protected during household cleaning. With the help of the tips mentioned in the next slides, your skin will also remain healthy.

Tie a face with a cotton cloth

While cleaning, keep the face tied the whole time, even when the dust is not blowing. There are dust mites on the items that have been kept for a long time, they are not visible to us, but when cleaning, they come on the skin. Tie the face with a cotton cloth so that the skin is not damaged even if the face is tied for a long time.

Wash open skin twice

When the cleaning is done, clean the face, hands, feet, skin, where dust has reached, clean it once with clean water, and then with a face wash for the second time. Do not wash face in haste as soon as you apply face wash, massage for 1-2 minutes, and then wash face with water. For the second time use lukewarm water to wash face.

Use Cleansing Milk

After washing the face, apply well cleansing milk on the entire face and use a moisturizer on the hands, feet, neck, etc. Clean the face with a cotton ball after applying cleansing milk on the face. All the dust will accumulate on the face, neck, etc., all will come on the cotton ball. After cleansing the face in this way, apply rose water or moisturizer.

-Do not apply anything before cleaning

Do not apply anything on the skin before cleaning the house. If you are going to do cleansing by applying a moisturizer, the skin can be adversely affected. Most moisturizer creams are oil-based. The oil acts as a magnet for dust. By doing this, the skin can get worse for a long time.