Diwali 2020: Before getting painted on this Diwali take care of Vastu rules, troubles will be removed


Many days in advance, we start preparing to welcome Mahalakshmi on Deepawali. Homes and business institutions are cleaned, painted, and colored. I painted in the workplace or home according to Vastu rules, keeping in mind the directions and colors, we will surely get auspicious results, and happiness, success, and prosperity will knock in our life.

Say no to vengeful color

Colors have a deep connection with these three types of qualities like sattva, rajas, and tamas. According to colors, a person is physically and mentally affected. Tamasic colors are dark, the main ones being dark blue, brown, and black. Tamasic colors should be ignored in home decoration. These colors make a person dull and lazy.

Satvik colors are auspicious

Humble, light, and satvic colors should be used for a harmonious atmosphere in the house. Sky, green, white and other light colors have been considered as sattvic colors. It is very auspicious to use them at home according to the direction. The sharp red, orange, and pink colors are called rajas which increase the desires.

What color to get

Light blue and green color are seen as a natural source of health in Vastu, these colors are cool and soft and cause moderate and peaceful decompression, blue for the rooms towards the north and east towards the east. For green color, it is considered good in Vastu, in addition, it is appropriate to use these colors in the drawing-room of the house. A light blue bathroom is also considered auspicious in Vastu.

The yellow color keeps a person's nervous system balanced and brain active, so it will be beneficial to use this color in a study room or library.

Purple color is considered to be encouraging and destroyer of depression, because its use is auspicious in yoga and meditation room or place of worship.

If you paint the roof of the room with white color, there will be more heat and light in the room but the white color should not be done in the whole room because this color is considered short-lived in Vastu.

Pink, red and orange colors strengthen the relationship, so the use of these colors towards the south direction in the bedroom will prove beneficial. The light red or orange color also increases auspicious fruits in the kitchen made in an igneous angle. Cream, gray, golden, light yellow or light blue colors will be beneficial in the west direction. The color for the main door of the house should be chosen based on the direction of the house, by doing this, positive energies will increase and the environment will be harmonious.