Disadvantages of Curd: Do you consume curd at night? Know its disadvantages


If there is no curd with the food plate in summer, then the plate looks incomplete. Yogurt is useful for health, it contains healthy bacteria, which help in keeping our metabolism healthy. Curd keeps digestion right, as well as treats many stomach problems. Some people like to eat curd, which they consume throughout the year.

Yogurt of cold effect is very beneficial for health, but if it is not consumed at the right time, it can also make you sick. Eating curd unnecessarily can harm your health, especially consuming it late at night can cause many diseases. Let us know why you should avoid eating curd at night.

Curd can spoil your digestion at night:

If you consume curd during the day, digestion will be fine, but if you eat it at night, then your digestion may deteriorate. The body needs the energy to digest yogurt. Often people go straight to bed after eating at night, which weakens the digestive system. Not only this, but eating curd also causes swelling in the body.

Curd can cure winter cold:

Cold and flu can become a problem in the Corona period. Whether it is cold or summer, consuming curd at night can cause problems like cough and cold, so avoid eating curd at night.

Yogurt can cause vomiting at night:

Consuming curd at night harms the digestion system. There may even be vomiting.

Acne can come on the face:

Consuming curd at night can also take away the beauty of your face. Consumption of curd can cause acne on the face.

Curd causes joint pain:

People who have joint pain problems should avoid consuming curd at night. Consuming this can make their problem worse.

Disclaimer: This information has been written based on Ayurvedic prescriptions. You must consult a doctor to confirm its veracity.