Diabetic patients should be careful, if there is an eye problem then the risk of getting sick from the corona is five times higher.


It has been said since long ago that coronavirus infection can be fatal for patients with diabetes. Many types of research have also been done in this regard. Now new research has revealed that if someone has an eye problem due to diabetes, the risk of getting seriously ill due to the corona virus is five times higher than normal people. This research has been published in the Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice Paper of King's College London. According to the report, this is the first time any direct association between diabetic retinopathy and corona hazards is visible.

Actually, the major problems of diabetes also include 'eye irritation'. Doctors say that this happens due to damage to small blood vessels in the eyes. A report a few years ago said that about 54 percent of people suffering from type-1 diabetes have eye problems while about 30 percent of people with type-2 diabetes have this problem.

According to the report, 67% of all people with diabetes at the St. Thomas NHS Foundation Trust were seriously ill with diabetes, between March 12 and April 7. 26 percent of these people had to put on ventilators.

According to Dr. Antonella Corsillo, who is on the team of researchers, diabetic patients who have eye problems have a lot of damage to their blood vessels. In such a situation, if that person becomes infected with corona, then the risk of becoming seriously ill increases significantly.

A report last month also claimed that people are also suffering from diabetes due to corona. Something similar happened to a 28-year-old man living in London. Actually, he has never had diabetes problems before, but when he got corona infected he was found to have type-1 diabetes. The case has certainly raised the concerns of scientists and doctors from all over the world, but at the US National Institutes of Health, there is currently research related to how the coronavirus is causing blood sugar and causing diabetes.