Detox Drinks: Do Detox Drinks Work to Cleanse the Liver? Know what is its scientific proof


In the Corona period, people have become very cautious about their health. In the last one and a half years, millions of people in the country and the world have lost their lives due to Corona. People are becoming more health-conscious now. People are trying different ways to take care of their lungs and liver. To detox your liver, you are consuming a variety of drinks so that it can remain healthy. Liver cleanses and detox drink is very much discussed among people these days. Many pharmaceutical companies abroad are selling it in the name of a liver cleanse drink. It is believed that it cleanses the liver and its consumption gets rid of all the harmful substances present in the liver. By consuming this drink, the toxins present in the liver also come out and the body gets energy. Although no scientific research has come in this regard as a whole, so the question is, what are liver cleanses and detox drinks? What are its benefits? Does it cleanse the liver? This drink is a mixture of herbs, fruits, and vegetables from which the beverage is made.

What is included in this drink?

  • milk thistle plant
  • dandelion plant
  • gooseberry
  • Cinnamon
  • turmeric
  • ginger

Detox drinks that remove impurities from the liver:

Some manufacturers claim to make liver cleanse and detox drinks from these herbs. Its makers say that by consuming this drink, harmful waste and toxins present in the liver come out. Apart from this, the impurities in the liver also get flushed out. Although no scientific research has been done about this whole dink, some different types of research have been done about different herbs. On the other hand, it has different interpretations in Ayurveda, but there is no such research to prove that this drink cleanses the liver.

The pharmaceutical company also says that it flushes out the toxin present in the liver, but what is the name of that toxin, the company does not say anything about it. The liver is the part of the body that cleans or detoxifies all kinds of harmful chemicals present in the body. If there are problems with the liver cells or if there is a liver-related disease, then the release of harmful chemicals from the blood gets affected.