Despite being separated from PM Modi, wife Jashodaben gets strict security


Narendra Modi's wife Jashodaben may not live with him, but legally she is his wife. She is always in discussion. When PM Modi was sworn in as Prime Minister, his security had increased since then.

Police personnel are kept under their protection for seven days and 24 hours. In plain clothes, four Gujarat Police personnel are armed with weapons and are posted under the protection of Jashodaben. They keep an eye on every activity happening in their village with a car.

Also a soldier is always with them. Jashodaben lives with her two brothers in Ishwarwada village in Mehsana district of northern Gujarat. Under SPG rules, 62-year-old Jashodaben should also get SPG protection like PM Modi.

Jashodaben and Modi got married in 1968, when both were minors. Modi stayed with his wife for only three days. Because they were not happy with this marriage.