Delta symptoms: These new symptoms of Delta variants are completely different from Covid


There has been a change in the symptoms of corona now. According to studies, if you have a runny nose along with fever, cough, then this can be the main symptom of Delta and Delta Plus variants.

Coronavirus has affected our lives in many ways for the last 18 months. This has not only taken a toll on our lives, but our mental health has also deteriorated. Every time a new variant is making people nervous. In such a situation, the situation does not seem to be getting better.

Not only this, the changes in their symptoms have scared people more. According to experts, delta and delta variants have evolved rapidly, therefore posing more risk to human life.

A recent study says that the symptoms of the delta virus are completely different from the original Covid-19, which needs to be understood by all.

Fever, cough, headache, and sore throat are common symptoms of COVID-10. But a symptom like a runny nose has never been seen before. Loss or loss of smell was also very common but is now the ninth most common symptom.