Danger of Delta Plus variant of Corona : How to avoid diabetes and blood pressure patients? learn everything


The cases of corona infection in the country have now reduced to a great extent. In the last 24 hours, more than 34 thousand new patients have been found, while more than 500 people have lost their lives during this period. It can be assumed that the second wave is slowly ending, but in the meantime, the danger of the third wave is also looming. Actually, Corona's new variant Delta Plus has raised concerns. So far, more than 50 cases have been found across the country. Although it is considered more dangerous, many experts say that there is no evidence that it is more dangerous and contagious than the delta variant. However, experts also say that no matter what the variant, the safest way to avoid it is by wearing a mask, maintaining a safe physical distance, and washing hands regularly.

Experts have already been warning patients of diabetes and blood pressure about the coronavirus that they may be at higher risk. ICMR i.e. Indian Council of Medical Research had also issued a guideline related to this a few months ago, in which it told about the danger of diabetes, blood pressure, and corona.

ICMR had told that patients with diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), and heart are not at higher risk of getting infected with corona than other healthy people, but such people are at risk of falling seriously ill after getting corona. Surely more happens. So there is a need to be cautious.

According to the ICMR, diabetic patients should take special care of their diet and exercise regularly (to the extent possible). Apart from this, they should keep taking their medicines regularly and also keep checking their sugar, so that diabetes can be kept under control.

According to ICMR, blood pressure and diabetes patients should stay away from smoking and alcohol. Keep your BP and blood sugar levels under control and do some physical activity regularly. Don't eat too much salt. Include fiber and protein in your diet and consume more vegetables and fruits.

These precautions are most important for patients with diabetes and blood pressure

Try not to go out of the house and if it is very important then go by double masking and take care of safe physical distance. If you are going out somewhere, then definitely carry a sanitizer with you and use it when needed. As soon as you return home, put on the mask and worn clothes for washing immediately, and if possible take a bath or wash hands, feet, and mouth thoroughly. With this, there will be no risk of infection and you will be safe. And yes, it is very important for everyone to get vaccinated. So whenever you get time, definitely get the vaccine.