Criminals were put to death by pouring in boiling oil, know about the 7 most cruel punishments in the world


The US court sentenced a woman to death in a kidnapping and murder case. After 70 years someone in America will get the death penalty. However, even though the US court has sentenced someone to death after 70 years, there is a long history of such cruel punishment in different countries of the world. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about 7 such countries in the world, where there has been a provision for punishing such horrific punishment ...

Punishment - beheading the criminal

Countries - Saudi Arabia and England

Fact - During the 13th century, there was a provision of terrible punishment for treason in England. Under this, criminals were beheaded after hanging them. Not only this, the eyes of criminals were taken out and performed in public. In Saudi Arabia, such punishment is legally recognized. According to Amnesty International, in the year 2019, 184 people were beheaded in Saudi Arabia for separate crimes.

Punishment - shot dead in case of crime

Countries - Somalia, Guinea, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia

Fact - Somalia, Guinea, Iran, and North Korea still have provisions to punish criminals with a firing squad. Also in China, criminals are punished in this way. According to a report by Amnesty International, in 2012, 682 people were flown to the public firing squad in 2013 and 778 in the year 2013.

Punishment - Burn alive

Countries - Morocco, England, African countries

Fact - During the medieval period, men and women were burned for sedition. Many well-known personalities were given this punishment in 1431 by the British. Please tell that in 1600 Italian scientist and philosopher Giordano Bruno was also burnt alive. Apart from this, people were also burnt to death as a punishment on charges of witchcraft in many countries.

Punishment - pouring in boiling water or oil

Country - England

Fact - The first such sentence was given to the accused for poisoning the food during the tenure of Henry the Eighth. In 1531, the food of the Bishop of Rochester was poisoned by cook Richard Roje, who was sentenced. In 1542, a maid named Margaret Davy was boiled in boiling water as a punishment for adding poison to the mistress's food. However, this law was repealed in 1547.

Punishment - hanging on to treason

Country - England

Fact - The provision of such punishment began in 1241. As a punishment, the culprit was dragged by horses and his neck was cut before he died. The pieces of the body were then sent to different parts of the city so that no one would commit such a crime.


Country - Rome

Fact - More than 6000 people were hanged on the cross in 71 BCE for raising their voices against the Roman Empire. Let us tell you that some similar punishment was also given in Saudi Arabia in 2013.

Punishment - Stoning

Countries - North Africa, Iran, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia

Fact - According to ancient practice, even today in many countries, criminals are hit with stones for committing crimes. This punishment is particularly pronounced in North Africa and the Middle East. Gay sex cases were also given such punishment in the year 2019. Indonesia, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Iraq, Pakistan, and many other countries have provisions to punish criminals in this manner.