Covid19 precautions and Health Tips: These five common habits increase corona infection


The second wave of the coronavirus is taking a dangerous form. Every day cases are coming out from all over the country. In such a situation, there is a fear in everyone's mind about Covid 19, but overcoming this fear in difficult times, you have to take care of only a few things so that your immunity remains strong and the risk of infection is reduced. Many of our small habits can cause corona infection. Some such common habits, we are telling you-

Not washing hands after coming from outside

if you have gone to the home market, then after coming back, do wash hands. By not washing hands, people increase the risk of the corona. In the market, there is an increased risk of someone touching the goods or coming into contact with people.

Opening the packet by mouth

Usually the habit of some people that by not opening the packet by hand, they open the packet through the mouth. Corona infection can also be caused because you do not know which person's packet has passed through the hand.

Repeatedly touching the eyes, putting hands on the eyes is not good for health anyway. At the same time, repeatedly touching the eyes in the middle of work also poses a risk of infection. It is good to leave this habit.

Do not stay in bed or activity during the day,

continue to work while sitting in bed, or do not do any physical activity. Your immunity weakens, it not only affects your health. The risk of corona also increases.

You can buy vegetables or fruits as soon as you bring things from street food or outside. You should not eat things with or outside Latte. You should also wash your hands after coming home to wash things so that the risk does not increase.