Covid vaccination for kids: When will the vaccine be ready for children? Which companies are doing trials?


Children were also affected in the second wave of the coronavirus in India. Symptoms of the corona were also seen in children and after recovery, a disease like MIS-C. Now some disturbing reports are also coming, which suggest that the cases of Kovid-19 in children may increase further in the coming few months.

However, despite the COVID-19 vaccine showing reliable results so far in reducing the severity of infection, there is still no COVID-19 vaccine available for children. Some countries of the world have started vaccinating older children, but in India, children are still far from taking the vaccine.

Clinical trials for the use of Covaxin on children have just begun in India, but that may still take a long time.

Vaccines for children are important not only to protect their future but also for herd immunity across the country. So let's find out what do we know about vaccines for children so far?

Is the risk of covid in children too high?

Before the second wave, cases of COVID-19 in children were very few or even complications such as MIS-C were not heard after recovery. But the second wave showed that the virus is not only affecting adults but also children. That's why children also need a vaccine to keep them safe from covid.

Which companies are working on the covid-19 vaccine for children?

At this time, many countries around the world, including the United States, Singapore, Japan, Dubai, Israel, and parts of Europe, have begun receiving the COVID-19 vaccine for children over the age of 12. Its trial began in late 2020, with companies such as Pfizer-Biotech, Moderna, and Sinopharm testing vaccine doses on young children, allowing them to proceed in an emergency.

Meanwhile, China has now allowed one of its domestic vaccine makers, Sinopharm, to vaccinate children under the age of 3.

In India, currently, only one vaccine developer, Bharat Biotech, has started trial trials on children. For this, in the trial of the corona vaccine on children in AIIMS, from Tuesday, June 15, screening of children of 6-12 years will be started. About 5 to 10 children will be included in it on the first day. Earlier, doses of Covaxin have been given to children aged 12 to 18 years and the trial of this age group has been completed.

Pfizer is also a company that is in talks with Indian authorities to bring its vaccine. The vaccine of the same company may also be available for children. Similar conversations are said to have taken place with Moderna as well. However, despite several vaccine trials, it is difficult for children to have a vaccine before the end of the year.