Covid Symptoms: Know from the experience of this American woman, what effect Corona shows from the first to the 10th day


Coronavirus infection is increasing in the country and the world. More than 210 countries of the world are affected by this epidemic. Since the beginning, health institutions have issued instructions several times about the symptoms of the corona. Actually, its symptoms are similar to the common cold, viral flu, and allergies, so people have been aware of this epidemic since the beginning. Even after getting viral flu, people are getting worried about whether they have corona or not. Conversely, there is a situation that despite having corona, some people consider it as common flu, and by the time the report of the affected person comes positive, many people have been infected with it. From the experience of an American woman who is corona infected, we can understand the symptoms of this disease from the first day to the 10th day.

In fact, a woman in the US had a corona and shared her experience after being cured through treatment. According to a report by TOI, this woman of America is named Blonde. The woman has shared her experiences ranging from the symptoms of the disease, when she felt the need to go to the doctor, and what symptoms she had seen during the illness. This is in order to help people understand this disease.

After the corona was infected, the female Bajonda Haliti kept in-depth observation of the changes in her body and the effects of the corona and shared this experience. Come, let us know how he felt from day one to the 10th day.

Day one

The woman felt a mild dry cough and sore throat on the first day.

Second day

Headache, discomfort, cough slowly.

It got cold and fever that night.

Apart from this, he was feeling pain in the eyes, which was a strange symptom for him.

day 3

He started feeling tired and lethargic.

Was sleeping only during the day and had a fever.

Symptoms like dry cough, migraine, fever, chills, some nausea were felt.

He then decided to go to the doctor.

Fourth day

He did not have much fever on this day but showed a new symptom.

This was the new symptom, shortness of breath.

It was inconvenient, they felt as if they had bricks on their chests. That means it took a lot of strength to breathe.

Fifth day

There was an increased sore throat, cough, and shortness of breath.

She then went to the same doctor and got her tested.

He also got X-rays done as a precautionary chest, which came to normal.

Sixth day

He started taking antibiotics and ibuprofen on the doctor's advice.

The symptoms like sore throat, cough, shortness of breath were still there.

seventh day

The woman continued to have a sore throat, mild cough until the seventh day.

They had symptoms like breathing trouble and increased energy levels.

Eighth day

There was a mild cough to this day, but the headache was relieved. The energy level in his body started increasing.

Ninth day

His cough was a bit heavy, but the energy level was normal.

10th day

The woman also had mucus with a mild cough on the 10th day. He was feeling low in energy and the result of his corona examination had come, which was positive.

After the Corona positive report came, the woman consulted a doctor, and her treatment began. According to the remedy suggested by the doctor, she began to remain completely isolated. This (self-isolation) is very important to prevent the spread of coronavirus. They consumed plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. He was treated under the supervision of a doctor.