Covid 19 Self Test Kit: ICMR approves self-test kit for corona test


The best way to stop the spread of the coronavirus chain is to identify the cause and prevent the spread of the disease. There are labs for testing everywhere in cities, where this disease can be identified by doing tests, but people in far-flung areas have to travel a long distance to get tested. Keeping this problem of people in mind, such a test kit has been invented so that you can find out the corona sitting at home. Through this kit manufactured with indigenous technology, symptomatic persons can identify SARS-CoV-2 at their homes.

Meditech company Meril has invented this self kit which is manufactured from indigenous technology. The CoviFind test kit has also received the final approval from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). After getting the approval, people can do the corona test themselves at their home with the covid kit. Now the patient can order this kit at home and get himself tested. For this, there will no longer be a need to conduct tests from outside. If the test report comes positive, then other people who came in contact with the person can also be tested with this kit.

The report will be available in 15 minutes from the CoviFind test kit:

On checking with CoviFind, the report of the investigation will be received within 15 minutes. The cost of this test kit is Rs.250 and it can be found in a single pack at any drugstore. It doesn't even need a refrigerator to keep it. Apart from one, this kit will also be available in 3,5, and 25 packs. Each kit will contain testing material including a testing device, a sterile nasal swab, and a buffer tube with a cap. Inside the kit will be a paper with information on how to use the kit. After taking the sample, there will be step-by-step information on how to keep it in the tube.

Who can test with this test kit:

According to the new advisory of ICMR, a person who has symptoms of the corona, or who has come in contact with a positive person confirmed in RT-PCR, can be tested with this test kit. For home testing, this test will have to be done in the manner suggested by the company. Patients whose report will come positive through this test will be considered positive, they will not need any test again after this. Those who are positive will have to follow the guidelines of ICMR and the Health Ministry regarding home isolation. Patients who test with this kit, whose result will come negative, will have to get RTPCR done.