Covid-19 Patient Diet: Covid patients should avoid eating junk or bansi, diet should be like this


Good nutrition plays an important role in the recovery of COVID-19 patients. The body becomes very weak during Kovid-19. People do not feel well for several days even after recovering from the disease. Therefore, it is very important to take the right kind of diet for a quick recovery.

The vaccine alone is not enough to prevent coronavirus infection, for this, it is equally important to take a healthy diet. It is believed that the risk of infection is higher in those people whose immunity is weak. Therefore, in such times, not only Kovid patients but all people should pay special attention to their diet. Those who have been infected should adopt a healthy diet.

Press Information Bureau ie PIB has been providing important information related to Corona to everyone through Twitter for a long time. Recently, by tweeting PIB, about how the diet of Kovid patients should be, Dr. Sunil Kumar, Additional Professor, IRCH of AIIMS told me which 7 things should be included in the diet of Kovid patients.

Such should be the diet of Covid patients

1. Minimize the intake of salt and sugar.

2. Do not eat outside food, take home-cooked clean food as much as possible.

3. Include fresh fruits, vegetables, pulses, beans, nuts, and whole grains (corn, millet, oats, wheat, brown rice) in your diet. Potatoes, yams, arbi, red meat, eggs, fish, and milk.

4. It is better to eat raw vegetables, fresh fruits as a salad than to eat fried or sweet-salted snacks.

5. Do not overcook the vegetable while cooking, as it loses its vital nutrition.

6. If you are using canned or dried vegetables or fruits, make sure that no sugar or salt has been added separately.

7. Drink plenty of water daily, so that the body remains hydrated.