COVID 19 Effect On Body: Coronavirus without symptoms can damage lungs, damage caused by these 2 methods


There are many health risks due to coronavirus infection. Now a new health problem is coming up, in which it is being said that the coronavirus can cause significant damage to the lungs of patients without symptoms. You are being informed about this here…

Coronavirus infection is still spreading rapidly all over the world and all the arrangements made to prevent it are seen to be ineffective. After the ongoing research on the coronavirus, such facts are constantly coming out which are raising the concern of the people as well as emerging a new challenge for the doctors. Meanwhile, a new thing has emerged regarding the untreated coronavirus.

It is being said that in patients who are not having any type of symptoms, coronavirus can cause great damage to their lungs. Let us now explain in detail how untreated coronavirus can prove to be more dangerous than symptomatic coronavirus infection.

Claim made in a study

During a study in Wuhan city of China, it was observed that many types of lung changes have been observed in patients with untreated coronavirus. These changes are likely to increase the risk of lung damage, which is a concern. During a study, CT scans of the lungs of patients without symptomatic coronavirus were performed. After CT scans, it was observed that some patients with untreated coronavirus had significantly higher lung damage, compared to patients with severe coronavirus.

Thereafter, it is feared that the risk of underlying organ damage may also increase in patients with non-symptomatic coronavirus. However, scientists have also observed a specific type of inflammation in the underlying tissue that arises due to various health risks other than Kovid-19.

It is worth noting that several research reports have also been published earlier in which it has been claimed that patients without symptomatic coronavirus do not play any special role in spreading the infection. With this, the rate of spread of infection can also be reduced significantly.

Some scientists also claim that patients with untreated coronavirus are at lower risk of health risk, but this new research has increased the concern of scientists even more. At present, a detailed study is still needed. During this time, if you are afraid of getting infected with Coronavirus, then without delay you should get Kovid-19 and take proper treatment.

The risk of corona increased, now disturbances in the brain

You will be aware of how the coronavirus destroys the lungs… Recently, experts have reported that it is also harming the heart, but do you know that it is slowly causing damage to other parts of the body as well? Is affecting In almost 300 research around the world, it has been revealed that the corona is also affecting the brain. Because of which people are facing many types of mental disorders.