#couplechallenge: couples are sharing romantic photos on social media, while singles are getting angry


A new challenge is trending on social media these days. #CoupleChallenge is a trend under the name of Couples especially this challenge. Under this challenge, couples have to share pictures with their partners. Couples are very fond of this challenge. He and his partner have found a perfect excuse to sit down and share romantic photos with each other. There is a flood of such pictures on Facebook. But those singles, on the other hand, do not like this challenge and they are taking out their anger on social media.

In fact, such challenges are often trending on social media. You may remember, in the past, challenges like #thenandnow, # 10yearsback, and # 20yearsback were trending in which people were sharing their 10 years, 20-year-old pictures. A few years ago #icebucketchallenge was also a trend in which people shared videos of snow or icy water pouring on the body despite the cold. #CoupleChallenge is also a new kind of challenge, with couples putting up their photos.

However, at the moment it is not clear who has started this challenge. But it has been trending a lot for the last few days. It did not take long to become a trend and people started posting romantic photos with their partners. Recently, Couples was sharing stories of meeting their partner with the hashtag #WeMetonTwitter. Similarly, there is a couple of challenges which the couples are enjoying.

Former IPS officer Dhruv Gupta, who is very popular on social media through his personality, mannerisms, posts, poems, stories, and articles, also writes as part of this challenge,

Two days later, when I opened Facebook today, I saw that there is a flood of photos of Mian-Biwi under the couple's challenge. Poor bachelors who are loners are erasing mites by putting pictures of loneliness. Even after thinking a lot, I did not understand what the challenge is in printing photos with my own or my own. The fun is when you can muster up the courage to post a picture of an outsider or an outsider. Does anyone have such courage? Neither is there in me. So, I am currently considered to be involved in this campaign to lure my spouse! You can also give me shingles that in the picture I have at least accepted what my status is in front of the family.

At the same time, singles on the other hand are seen taking their anger out about this challenge. In many posts on social media, it seems common that how is the challenge in photographing with your wife or your husband? If you have courage, show it by putting another. Single people have also responded using the Mims template. Many mimes are going viral on this. Singles are also sharing such a picture, which creates the illusion that there are some pictures that are not visible due to not being completely downloaded. The truth is that there is no one in the picture. Singles are giving their response in many other ways.