Coronavirus: why is this country preparing to kill 1.70 crore mice?


In many countries of the world, coronavirus infection is once again increasing. Many countries, including Italy, Spain, Britain, have re-imposed sanctions in view of the Corona wave in Europe, while many other countries are also leading to lockdown. The safe and effective vaccine for Corona is still late and by then other precautions and measures need to be adopted to control the epidemic. Many countries affected by Corona are also seen adopting new strategies to deal with this epidemic. For example, Germany has emphasized the policy of rapid antigen tests, while in some countries emergency approval is being administered to high-risk groups. Now a country is set to kill 17 million or 1.70 crore mice.

In fact, Denmark is going to take such a step regarding the changes in the coronavirus contraction found in animals. The Danish government is planning to kill one crore 70 million mice (Mink) after the corona infection has spread to humans. According to a CNN report, infectious disease and vaccine specialist Prof. Kere Molak warns that another wave of coronavirus may be introduced through mink (a species of mice). They expressed this fear, given the possibility of mutation of the virus in mice.

According to a report by The Guardian, Dutch virologist and veterinary pathologist Der Poel said that there is a possibility of mutation of the virus in mice, which is found in the spike protein of the virus. However, we do not really know how effective the vaccine is, so much research is needed in this direction. Danish officials said that five cases of newly mutated viruses were recorded at the mink farm and 12 cases in humans. He said that there are 15 to 17 million rats in the country.

Denmark's Prime Minister Matte Friedrichsen said health officials had detected some symptoms of coronavirus in humans and mice, which showed decreased sensitivity to antibodies. Friedrichsen said that we have a big responsibility towards the population of the country, but now with the coronation virus found in the coronavirus, we also have a big responsibility for the rest of the world.

The findings have been shared with the World Health Organization and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control after research on Corona. The findings of the research were based on laboratory tests by the State Serum Institute, the Danish authority dealing with infectious diseases. WHO expert Mike Ryan said a full-scale scientific investigation of humans has been called for. In China, the virus was transmitted from corona-infected mice to humans.

A World Health Organization official said in a statement to the news agency Reuters in Geneva that we have been reported to have found in Denmark many people infected with the coronavirus from mice, with some genetic changes in the coronavirus. Danish authorities are currently investigating the epidemiological and virological significance of these findings.

Christian Son, a professor of Veterinary and Wildlife Medicine at Aarhus University, believes that eliminating the herd of mice is an important decision as a precaution. This decision may prevent a new wave of possible corona in the future. If another wave of corona came through the mice, it would be very difficult to control. Therefore, it is an important decision.