CoronaVirus: WHO's a big statement on Russia's corona vaccine, Sputnik-V advanced trial has not happened


Russia claimed to have created the world's first Corona vaccine, but at the same time, the Russian vaccine Sputnik V has been mired in controversy. Scientists in many countries including the US, UK, Germany have questioned the efficacy and safety of this vaccine. Many experts say that its use on citizens will not be safe. However, Russia has refrained from all the allegations, saying that the vaccine has been in operation for six years for other viruses in the Corona family, which have been developed for the SARS Cove 2 virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also made a big statement on Russia's vaccine on Friday. During the press conference, the WHO has said that there has not been an advance trial of the vaccine.

The World Health Organization (WHO) on the Russian vaccine Sputnik-V has said that the vaccine that Russia claimed to have made has not yet been tested for the advanced stage. According to the WHO, it is not among the nine vaccines in the world that are undergoing advanced stage trials. This vaccine is also not named in the list released on the WHO website.

"There is not enough information yet to decide whether the Kovid-19 vaccine manufactured in Russia can be used on a large scale," World Health Organization chief General Tedros Adhanom said at the press conference. Tedros warned that he also expressed his opinion on the demand for safe and effective vaccines.

WHO chief Tedros cautioned that the demand for safe and effective vaccines has increased competition among countries around the world, thus increasing the price of vaccines. He appealed to various countries to provide more funds for the 'ACT Accelerator' scheme so that equipment connected to COVID-19 can be distributed.

Senior Advisor said- talks are on

WHO's Senior Advisor on Russia's Vaccine, Dr. Bruce Elward, says that we do not have enough information about this vaccine to take a decision immediately. We are in discussion with Russia for more information about the vaccine. Negotiations are underway to know the updated status of the vaccine.