Coronavirus: What is the procedure for vaccination of the elderly and how long will the vaccine be available to the common man? know from a specialist


The vaccination campaign against Corona is going on very fast in countries around India. So far one crore of 37 lakh people has been vaccinated in the country. This information has been given by Dr. Mandeep Bhandari, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health. He said that 80 percent of health workers and 60 percent of frontline workers in seven states and union territories of the country have been vaccinated. The government will also start vaccinating people above 60 years of age from March 1. Apart from this, vaccinations will also be given to those above 45 years of age who have already had a serious illness. Preparations are going on for this. Let's know from the expert the answers to some questions related to coronavirus and vaccination ...

How is the coronavirus spread? Has anything been found out about this?

Dr. Randeep Guleria, director of Delhi-based AIIMS, says, "So far it has been learned that the coronavirus has come from bats into humans. Many times viruses come from animals to humans. One such virus is also swine flu. The coronavirus was a new virus and no one had immunity against it. This virus changed itself in such a way that it spread very rapidly from one place to another. However, it is also true that many viruses found in animals do not spread quickly in humans, such as bird flu. That is why the bird flu pandemic has not been made. '

What is the process of vaccination of the elderly?

Dr. Randeep Guleria says, 'The elderly above 60 years and those above 45 years of comorbidity will be vaccinated from March 1. Such people can also register themselves through the Kovin app. Apart from this, you can also check whether he has a name or not. Those who do not have a smartphone and fall into the vaccination category can register by visiting the center with an ID card and photo. They will be given a date by the Center and they will be vaccinated as soon as their number arrives. If the number does not come on that day, the next date will be given.

What to do for elderly people who cannot go to the Immunization Center?

Dr. Randeep Guleria says, "Suitable arrangements will be made for those who are unable to reach the immunization center. Such people will be given the vaccine with the help of local volunteers or village people. Arrangements are also being made to bring such elderly people to the vaccine center.

How long will the vaccine be available to the common man?

Dr. Randeep Guleria says, 'The vaccine is still being given to people from high-risk groups. Along with this, different stages have been made to suit supply and demand. For example, in the first phase, if 30 million people are to be given the vaccine, then 60 crore doses are required. However, many more vaccines are to come in the coming times. If they are successful, the supply of the vaccine will become easier.

Will the vaccine is installed in the government center or can it be done in private also?

Dr. Randeep Guleria says, 'Corona vaccination will now be held in both government and private places. There will be free vaccines at the government center and a fee will have to be paid in private. However, the government is working on a rule, under which a fixed price of the vaccine will be fixed and all private hospitals will be vaccinated at the same fee. Apart from this, vaccination will also be arranged at health centers near the factory, so that people do not have to go far.

Can Arogya Setu register for a vaccine through the app too?

Dr. Randeep Guleria says, 'Work is still going on that registration facility is available on both Kovin and Arogya Setu app. If this happens then it will be reported by the Ministry of Health. Yes, if you are not able to register, you can also register by going to the vaccination center.