Coronavirus: What are the changes in the effect of corona infection in the body? Know what experts say


Worldwide cases of infection with the coronavirus have now crossed four crores, while the death toll is also above 11 lakh 15 thousand. However, more than 20 million people have been cured of its infection so far, which means that the number of active cases worldwide is currently around one crore. At the same time, the number of people recovering from corona in India is also increasing rapidly. More than 65 lakh 97 thousand people have been cured of corona infection so far. Although the infection is continuously increasing, one needs to be very vigilant. Let's know the answers to some such questions related to coronavirus, which are very important for you to know.

What are the changes in the effect of infection of Kovid-19 in the body?

Dr. Rajendra Kumar Dhamija of Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi, says, “Initially it was considered as respiratory disease, but now it is called multi-organ disease. That is, earlier its effect was being seen only on the lungs, but now this virus is also attacking the liver, heart, kidney, etc. People who have some kind of disease are more at risk. '

What to do if someone wants to come home during festivals?

According to Dr. Rajendra Kumar Dhamija, 'The first thing is neither going to someone's house nor call anyone home during festivals. If someone comes from outside, first check if they have any symptoms. If there are symptoms, explain them and send them back. Secondly, do not go to crowded areas for shopping at festivals.

The graph of cases of Kovid-19 is going down, what will be said on this?

Dr. Rajendra Kumar Dhamija says, 'Going down the graph of the Corona case does not mean that everything is fine in the country. The situation is still serious in our country. A slight omission by people can again move the graph up. Now look at Europe, the graph is going up again. France is entering lockdown again. To avoid such a situation, we have to be more careful during the coming winter season and festivals.

In which states is the positivity rate worrying?

Dr. Rajendra Kumar Dhamija explains, 'The positivity rate is 16 percent in Kerala in the last seven days and 13.8 percent in Maharashtra, 11.3 percent in Rajasthan and 8.6 percent in West Bengal. Unless it falls below five, the situation will be considered serious. Despite testing more than one lakh tests per million in Kerala, the positivity rate has increased, which is worrying. Similarly, in other states also, the positivity rate will be lower only when people are careful.

What would you say about the decline in the Kovid-19 active case?

Dr. Rajendra Kumar Dhamija says, 'For the first time in the last 45 days, cases have come down to eight lakhs in our country. This is a very good sign. If we look at the national level, the situation is improving, but if we talk about the states, then the situation is not out of danger in four states - Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and West Bengal. The number of cases is quite worrying. People need to be very vigilant. '