Coronavirus Vaccine: When will the elderly patient who is not yet vaccinated get the vaccine? know everything from the expert


So far, over 209 million people have been given the Corona vaccine under the Corona Vaccination Campaign in India. In the second phase of the vaccination campaign which started on March 1, many leaders of the country, including President Ram Nath Kovind to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, have also got vaccinated and have appealed to other people of the country to get the vaccine. Vaccination of ex-servicemen and families of serving soldiers in the country is likely to begin next week. According to media reports, this facility will be available in army hospitals and the Ministry of Health has also approved it. Let's know from the expert the answers to some important questions related to coronavirus and vaccine ...

When will the elderly who are not yet vaccinated?

Dr. Rupali Malik of Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi says, "Immunization has started for the elderly above 60 years. So be patient and register by visiting the center any day. After this, you can get the vaccine done on the given date. By the way, no one has to panic, the vaccine is not just for a few days, it will be given to all the citizens of the country. Therefore, if not today, tomorrow you will be vaccinated. The government is also arranging for the elderly who cannot walk, cannot go to the center.

When did you go to Wuhan and how were the people trapped there rescued?

Dr. Rupali Malik says, 'When I went to Wuhan, there was not much fear about Corona in India at that time. I arrived in Wuhan on February 1, the children who were there were quite frightened. On seeing us, the children shouted slogans of Bharat Mata ki Jai and Great India. It was a proud moment for us. Then it was felt that coming to this operation is the right decision. All the people who were on the flight were all Corona Negatives. But it has to be praised for the steps taken by the government, at which time the situation had deteriorated and the government took the right decision to call him back to India and get the test done at the same time.

During the Corona era, you had an important role in bringing Indian students from Wuhan, what was the experience like?

Dr. Rupali Malik says, 'The fight against my corona started before the rest of the people. Last year in January 2020, I joined the hospital on January 27 after spending my winter vacation. At that time there was a discussion that some such disease has occurred in Wuhan, China and a situation like a lockdown is taking place. In such a situation, the Indian government will send some aircraft to bring back the stranded Indian people. But then I didn't think that I would be a part of that team either. After joining, my senior informed me that I had to go. At that time many things were wandering in my mind, I had a two-year-old child, my husband was in America and I had to go to Wuhan. But the whole family supported me and I left my milk-drinking child and went on a mission to Wuhan. When I went there, all the Air Force officers were very encouraged.

You went to Wuhan in lockdown, after which you had to go to the hospital, what did you experience then?

Dr. Rupali Malik says, 'Women had a little trouble in this because many people had children who were drinking milk. It is not that men were not afraid of the corona, but for a woman, the corona period was quite difficult. Despite this, the women showed great courage. I stayed in Wuhan for two weeks, but my family supported me a lot. '