Coronavirus Vaccine: When will Corona vaccine come to India and who will get it first? Will it be free? Know the latest updates


So far, over four crore 64 lakh people have been infected with the coronavirus worldwide while the death toll has also crossed 12 lakh. Cases are also increasing rapidly in India. So far, more than 81 lakh 84 thousand people have been infected with this virus. However, the good thing is that people are recovering quickly here as well as the death rate is also continuously decreasing. The Ministry of Health says that the Kovid death rate in the country has come down to less than 1.5 percent and is steadily declining. However, the vaccine will be needed to completely eliminate the corona. Let's know from the expert how long the corona vaccine will come. Also, we try to know who will get the vaccine first and who will get it for free?

How long will the corona vaccine take?

According to Dr. Naresh Gupta of Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi, 'Everyone is saying that the vaccine will come, it will come soon, but it is clear that it will not come before next year. In that too, people will be able to meet only by going till June-July. If it comes by February-March, it is very good.

Since the amount of vaccine will be limited initially, the vaccine will be applied first to those who are constantly working among the viruses. Such as - doctors, nurses, other health workers, security personnel, etc. Apart from this, priority will also be given to the elderly. Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has also said something similar. The ruling party BJP has promised in its election manifesto in Bihar that if they win the elections, the people of Bihar will get the vaccine for free. However, after the ruckus, the central government said that the vaccine would be provided free of cost to all the people. However, nothing is clear on this yet.

How do you see the current state of Corona?

Dr. Naresh Gupta says, 'The best thing is that the recovery rate in our country is increasing and the death rate has also come down considerably. But this epidemic is not over. Cases are falling all over the country, but cases in Delhi are increasing once again. However, contact tracing is being done very fast in Delhi. So cases are being detected quickly. '

How to decide whether to undergo an RT-PCR test or rapid antigen?

Dr. Naresh Gupta explains, 'Usually, any investigation is done so that the disease gets caught and can be treated in time, but there is little difference in Kovid. Investigates in it so that when positive comes, others can be protected and the patient can be treated separately. So if someone has problems then only the doctor tells which test to take. However, when symptoms are present and the rapid test is negative, RT-PCR is needed to confirm. Right now both tests are being done.

What do we look for by conducting an investigation in sero survey?

Dr. Naresh Gupta explains, 'When there is an infection in the body, many times it is cured without any medication and treatment. The reason for this is the nature of the human body that finds a cure for diseases itself. Just like dengue, a protein is made in the body by itself, which destroys its virus. In such a situation, if we conduct a serosurvey test, then we know whether the protein that is saved from David has been made in the person or not. That is, if the protein is found, it means the person has been infected.

Can corona infection increase in cold weather?

According to Dr. Naresh Gupta, 'When Corona came to our country, it was going cold. Although many countries of the world came during the cold. It was then believed that it would be over by summer, but not over. Meaning, it is not affected by heat or cold. Yes, the virus is destroyed at a temperature of 60 degrees. How will the situation of Corona in our country during the winter season, it is not possible to say anything now. Yes, similar diseases like influenza, cough, cold, dengue, malaria, etc. increase. They also have to be protected and you can avoid them by keeping masks, hand cleaning, cleaning around, safe distance.