Coronavirus Vaccine: What is the 'dry run' of a vaccine and how important is it? know everything from the expert


In India, cases of infection with coronavirus have increased to more than one crore of two lakhs while more than one lakh 47 thousand people have died. However, according to the Ministry of Health, so far more than 97 lakh 82 thousand people have become infection-free. With this, the rate of recovery from Kovid in the country has increased to 95.83 percent. It is believed that the vaccine will be available in India early next year, but before that on December 28 and 29, a 'dry run' of vaccination is being done in two districts of four states. Let's know from the expert what is the 'dry run' of this vaccine and how important is it?

How important is the fifth, 10th day after becoming corona positive?

Dr. Neeraj Gupta of Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi says, "Corona's incubation period is one to 14 days. It is said that symptoms occur on the fifth day. In this regard, the fifth day is important. At the same time, the infection ends by the 12th day. Even if RT-PCR is positive, the virus becomes very vulnerable by the 12th day. The virus has become so weak that the person is not able to infect anyone else. During this time, if the level of the person is not going down, then the patient is considered fine.

Are all vaccines made in one way?

Dr. Neeraj Gupta explains, 'For the first time it is happening that any vaccine is being prepared and given to the public within a year. At least 50 vaccines are still in the active stage. There are mainly two types of vaccines. The first DNA is made by the method in which the vaccine weakens the incoming virus and the person does not get sick. The second RNA is made by the method, after which the particles with spike proteins like coronavirus are produced in the body and the ability to fight them is developed in the body so that when the real coronavirus comes, they are not able to attack. '

What is a dry run of a vaccine?

Dr. Neeraj Gupta explains, 'Vaccine in India can be available in any week of January. The vaccine needs certain things, for that, cold chain maintenance has to be done. In the same way, even after applying the vaccine, if there is any reaction, then it is monitored, for that the Cowin app has been made. In this dry run, in the next two days, all the process will be done in selected areas in two districts of four states, which will be a forgiving vaccine. Bus vaccine will not be given. If there is any kind of flaw then it will be known first.

How important is the dry run of the vaccine?

Dr. Neeraj Gupta explains, 'The dry run of the vaccine is not just for injection. In this, it is seen that whether the cold chain is being maintained, whether it is going to be a village or an urban area, a district hospital or a health center, how to reach there. How the crowd will be controlled there, how many people will be given at once. Then they will be asked to rest for how long. At the same time, records will be fed via the computer. During this time it will be ensured that every person can get the vaccine smoothly and its efficacy remains.