Coronavirus Vaccine: Scientists made a nanoparticle vaccine, Coronavirus will end with just one dose!


So far, many corona vaccines have arrived in the world, with the help of which vaccination campaigns are also going on. Although there is a vaccine or coronavirus, constant research is going on. Now researchers at a US university have developed a new nanomaterial-based biosensing platform that will tell in a short time whether antibodies are made in the body to protect against the coronavirus. It is being said that this biosensing platform will help in accurately assessing the vaccine's immune response, ie the effect of the vaccine.

Bharatvanshi Rahul Panat was also part of this research. He is an Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, USA. According to media reports, he said "We have created a device using new technology such as nanoparticle three-D printing that is capable of instantly detecting corona antibodies." Indeed, the presence of two antibody-spike S1 protein and receptor-binding domains of the virus can be detected in the blood droplet from this testing platform.

Also, according to new research, researchers have developed a nanoparticle vaccine that produces an antibody response that eradicates the coronavirus after just one dose.

This research has been published in the ACS Central Science Journal.

According to research, scientists first tested this nanoparticle vaccine on mice. This showed that only after giving the first dose, they produced twice as much antibody against the coronavirus and when the second dose was given 21 days later, the number of antibodies increased. However, it is yet to be tested on humans. Only then will you be able to know how effective this vaccine is. According to reports, the team of researchers was led by Peter Kim of Stanford University in the US.