Coronavirus vaccine: largest trial of corona vaccine, 31 thousand people have been vaccinated in this country


Trials of the Corona vaccine are underway in many countries of the world, some of which are in the final stages. This includes vaccines from Britain, the United States, and China. The largest trial of the Corona vaccine is going on in the United Arab Emirates, under which a total of 31 thousand people have been vaccinated. It included citizens from 120 countries. According to a recent Khaleej Times report, it has taken a total of six weeks to vaccinate so many people. Let us tell you that the trial of Oxford's Corona vaccine is going on in a big way. In Britain, South Africa, and Brazil, about 20 thousand people, and in the United States 30 thousand people are being tested for the vaccine.

According to reports, the vaccine that is undergoing trials in the United Arab Emirates on a large scale has been developed by China's Sinofarm company. The UAE government and G42 Healthcare are working together to complete the trial.

According to reports, thousands of people have been given a second dose of the vaccine and are now being monitored by doctors to see the effects of the vaccine. The Health Ministry of Abu Dhabi says that a large number of people have joined the trial, so on August 30, the new registration for volunteers has been stopped.

According to the Sinopharm company, no side-effects have been observed in the first and second stage trials of the vaccine. In an interview with Global Times, the company's chairman Liu Jingzhen told that he himself has taken two doses of this vaccine and so far he has not felt any side effects. The vaccine is expected to hit the market by December.

According to media reports, the cost of two doses of this vaccine will be 1000 Yuan i.e. around 10,700 rupees. However, many people have expressed concern about this in China. He says that this vaccine will prove to be very expensive for people living in rural areas, people can hardly buy it.