Coronavirus Vaccine: How close is India's covaxine to success? know from a specialist


Worldwide, cases of corona infection have increased to above four crores 29 lakh, while the death toll has also crossed 11 lakh 54 thousand. Cases of its infection are also increasing rapidly in India. So far, more than 78 lakh 64 thousand people have been infected while more than one lakh 18 thousand people have died. In such a situation, everyone is only waiting for the vaccine to get rid of this virus. The country's Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has expressed hope that the Corona vaccine will be available in the country by January next year. Let us know how close Kovaxin is to India's success and also try to find answers to other questions related to Corona.

How close is India's coaxing success?

Senior Scientist Dr. Raman R. Gangkhedkar explains, "Three vaccines are underway in the country, the first being the Cadila vaccine, the second by the Serum Institute and the third by the India Biotech vaccine. Who will get more success in these three or the vaccine of another country will come first, our later, not because of these things, but we have to pay attention that the vaccine production capacity is so high that the vaccine is successful in any country Yes, one has to come to India for production. That means if we create or any other country, its production will be in India, then obviously the countrymen will get it sooner than the rest.

The number of active patients in the country and new cases have come down, how do we see this?

Dr. Raman R. Gangakhedkar says, "New cases are coming down and the good thing about it is that beds are empty in hospitals and whatever new patients are coming, they are getting beds easily." This has been possible only due to testing and people's hard work. But this does not mean that corona infection has subsided, but rather to be very cautious in the coming months. At this time it is the festival season, people too, after so many days, are now completely preparing for the celebration of the festival. In this, if people are similar to some outsiders then the cases may increase.

What is the advice for diabetes patients right now?

Senior Scientist Dr. Raman R. Gangakhedkar says, "Until corona medication comes, people with comorbidity, whether they are diabetes, cancer, blood pressure, have to take special precautions. If there are many members in the house and go to work in different places, then also apply masks in the house. Until the vaccine comes, try to keep yourself negative.

How big a role does testing play in Corona's war?

Dr. Raman R. Gangakhedkar explains, 'The coronavirus is spread through droplets. It does not show symptoms in most people. In this case, it is difficult to isolate anyone, because it is difficult to identify the infection inside asymptomatic patients. But when testing was increased, there were people who were infected and did not have symptoms. Had it not increased people's scrutiny, by now more than half of society would have been infected. There was a time when it was a big thing to conduct a thousand tests, today one day millions of people are being tested and efforts are being made to arrange to test in every corner of the country. So get a test done when symptoms occur.

What to take care of after wearing the mask?

Dr. Raman R. According to Gangakhedkar, 'More important than wearing a mask is the alertness after wearing it. Often people keep masks up and down. In this case, the virus on the outer surface of the mask can come on your hand. Then when you apply the same hand to the mouth or nose, the virus can enter the body. So touch the mask only after washing the hands and wash it again after removing it. Do not remove the mask especially in front of anyone. Always keep two or three masks with you and after using one, wash it with soap and use it again at intervals of one day. '