Coronavirus Vaccine: Good News on Corona Vaccine, Russia Releases First Batch of Vaccine for Citizens


The question of when will the corona vaccine finally arrive and how long will it be available to the common people, continues to be widespread throughout the world. Meanwhile, the big news is coming out of Russia about the vaccine. According to reports, Russia has released the first batch of 'Sputnik-V', considered to be the world's first corona vaccine, for common citizens. The Russian Ministry of Health says that the vaccine has passed all quality checks and has now been released to deliver its doses to ordinary citizens. Earlier, Mayor of Russia's capital Moscow Sergei Sobyanin had also hoped that most of the people will be given a vaccine doses in the next few months.

However, the biggest thing is that the clinical trial of the third phase of this vaccine of Russia has not been done yet and before that, it has also released the vaccine to the people. It is being told that from this month its trial will start in India too. Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, says clinical trials for the vaccine will begin in India, including India, in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, and Brazil this month.

Russian President Vladimir Putin launched this vaccine only on 11 August last month. During this time, he had told that the vaccine is completely safe and effective and his dose was also taken by his daughter. Later in an interview, he also told me that his daughter has also taken the second dose of the vaccine and that she is completely healthy.

This vaccine of Russia has been developed by the Gamalaya Research Institute of Moscow. Alexander Ginsburg, director of the research center, had indicated last month that a massive vaccination campaign would be carried out in the country between September 15-20. He had said that two batches of vaccines have been developed, which are under investigation and will be released to the general public after that.

Recently, a report published in The Lancet journal, which published research related to the medical world, was published regarding the initial trial of the vaccine, which stated that the vaccine was found to be safe. In the tests conducted on people, it has not shown any side-effect, rather the vaccine has prepared antibodies to fight corona in people's bodies.

According to a BBC report, the Director-General of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research of India, CSIR Director-General Shekhar Mande, has said that the report of Lancet magazine is correct and in terms of security there is no problem in Russia's vaccine, but this causes coronavirus. How long this can be avoided is not known. This will have to wait for now.