Coronavirus Vaccine: Corona vaccine may be available to all people in this country by April 2021, leaked government documents revealed


The waiting for the vaccine to end the Corona epidemic is about to end. Many countries are vaccinating their citizens, including Russia and China, without completing the trial. It is now being said that a corona vaccine can be applied to all people in England and that too by April 2021. This information was obtained from leaked government documents. According to the documents, Britain's National Health Service has planned to apply the vaccine to everyone by April next year. At the same time, the government has asked the regulatory agency to evaluate Pfizer's vaccine.

According to a Health Service Journal report, work on a vaccine plan for the entire adult population of the UK could begin by the end of January. In fact, the UK has tied up several companies for a large number of vaccine doses.

According to reports, centers will be set up at different places in the UK for all people to be vaccinated, and those who are not able to reach the center will have vaccine staff go and get themselves vaccinated. It is believed that the UK may have 7 million doses of the vaccine next month.

Britain's National Health Service believes that 75 percent of the country's population will come forward to get vaccinated, while 100 percent of people living in places like care homes can get vaccinated. The UK's plan is also that first people living in care homes, health workers, and those over 70 years of age will be vaccinated by the end of December. After this, there will be a turn of people between 65 and 70 years of age.

According to the UK plan, people aged 50 to 65 can be vaccinated by mid-January. At the same time, it is planned to be vaccinated in March from 18 to 50 years of age.