Coronavirus Vaccine: China will now test the corona vaccine on children too, trial may start on September 28


Across the world, the rate of infection with the coronavirus is very fast. So far, around three crores five lakh people have been infected, while more than nine lakh 52 thousand people have died. However, the work of making a vaccine for this is going on very fast. Vaccines from several countries, including Russia and China, are in the final phase of the trial. Meanwhile, China now plans to begin a clinical trial of its experimental corona vaccine on children and adolescents. According to reports, China's pharma company Synovac Biotech has the plan, which is already undergoing trial for adults and is in the final stages.

According to Synovac Biotech, a total of 552 healthy participants, aged three to 17 years, will be given two doses of this vaccine, with a difference of a few days. The trial is expected to begin in the northern Chinese province of Hebei from 28 September.

According to media reports, a spokesman for Synovac Biotech said that the Chinese regulator has already received approval for the trial. Although at least 10 thousand citizens in China have been given the dose of this vaccine experimentally. Recently a report came in which stated that about 90 percent of the vaccine manufacturer and its family members have already been vaccinated.

Is there a higher risk of corona in children?

According to a report, coronavirus has the least impact on children and adolescents. Less than 10 percent of people below 20 years of the world have been infected with the virus, while less than 0.2 percent of people under the age of 20 have died due to the virus. World Health Organization Director-General Tedrus Adhanom also says that he does not see a serious infection, but more research is needed on this.

Youth are spreading the most infection

According to a BBC report, youth in many countries, from England to Japan and Germany to Australia, are being blamed for the rise in new cases of coronavirus. Japan has the highest infection among people aged 20 and 29 years. A similar situation has been observed in Australia. Many officials say that the youth have been wandering outside without any fear and following social distance.