Coronavirus: The scientist of the vaccine company told when the corona epidemic may end?


So far, more than 48 million people have been infected worldwide, while the number of deaths has also increased to more than 13 lakh and these figures are constantly increasing. However, all kinds of measures are being taken to avoid this deadly virus. Scientists from all over the world are also working day and night to deal with this. It is believed that the vaccine will be available in the market early next year, but the biggest question is when the coronavirus will end. Meanwhile, scientists at the pharma company Pfizer, which is making the vaccine, have claimed that even if the vaccine is made, it will take time to show its effect. Cases of infection will not decrease immediately. It will take up to winter next year to create the same conditions as before.

According to media reports, Professor Yugar Sahin, co-founder of the Corona vaccine company BioNotech, has also claimed that the summer will go through the entire year to get the vaccine to show its impact and to bring life back to normal by winter next year Will take time.

Regarding the availability of the vaccine, Professor Yugar Sahin told the BBC in an interview that by April next year, the target is to provide more than 300 million doses of vaccine worldwide. He said he believed the vaccine would help reduce infection.

According to reports, Pfizer's vaccine has proven to be more than 90 percent effective. It is being told that this month the company will apply for emergency approval of a double dose vaccine from the American Food and Drug Administration.

Nothing has been said clearly about whether the Pfizer vaccine will be available in India or not. Actually, this vaccine has to be stored at less than -94 degrees Fahrenheit and it requires special cold storage. Because of this, there are some problems in coming to India and if this vaccine has arrived then it may be worth more here. By the way, according to the deal that the US government has made for the vaccine with Pfizer, the cost of two doses of the vaccine can be $ 39, which is around Rs 2,900.