Coronavirus Symptoms: New 3 symptoms of coronavirus increased and danger also, Do you have any problem like this


As the weather changes, the symptoms of coronavirus are also disturbing people in different forms. Surprisingly, people are considering it as symptoms of common diseases but after investigation, they have been found to be corona positive.

The coronavirus epidemic is still spreading its wings all over the world. To avoid this disease, various health organizations around the world are advising to follow new guidelines and safety tips daily. So far no exact cure has been found for this disease and a large number of people are dying every day all over the world. Coronavirus cases have increased rapidly over the past few days, but the surprising thing is that different types of symptoms have been seen in patients who have been tested positive for coronavirus.

Let us tell you about these symptoms so that if anyone around you also sees suffering from these three symptoms, then definitely ask him to check the coronavirus immediately.

What are these three characteristics


Vomiting is also being mentioned in the new symptoms of Coronavirus. When people who were upset with vomiting went to the doctor, they were also asked to check the coronavirus after which their corona test turned positive. Such cases are coming up fast and doctors have now started preparing that it should be included in new symptoms as soon as possible.


The second most prominent and new symptom is believed to be the possibility of people suffering from diarrhea being infected with corona. Such patients also had different types of problems and were found positive when they got the coronavirus tested. So if someone is suffering from diarrhea, then definitely ask them to get coronavirus checked.

Emetic problem

Many people are also having the problem of frequent boiling. Let me tell you that most of the patients of Coronavirus are without symptoms and now new symptoms are also coming out. It is being said that the problem of vomiting in these new symptoms is also added. The corona test of such people turned out to be positive. The thing to note here is that these patients had pain or discomfort in any part of the body along with the problem of nausea. The problem of frequent nausea can also be due to a lack of sleep.

Currently, the main symptoms of coronavirus include fever, cough, headache, shortness of breath, sore throat, sneezing but as the weather changes, new symptoms of coronavirus are also seen to change significantly and this is a concern. subject to. Currently, the above-mentioned three symptoms have not yet been officially included in the coronavirus symptoms but are being monitored by doctors and scientists so that it can be incorporated into the new symptoms of the coronavirus and such a problem Helped those recovering by getting tests done at the right time.