Coronavirus Symptoms: Is Weakness Even Early Symptom of Corona Virus?


In the second wave of coronavirus, the rate of spread of infection is also increasing rapidly. It is now clear that fever and cough are no longer the main symptoms of the Kovid-19 infection. Earlier symptoms that were not considered common are now seen as a sign of this disease, which should not be ignored. One of these symptoms is weakness.

Those who have suffered from corona say that the weakness and tiredness that has been felt during this period has never been felt before. Weakness is a very common thing that can be caused by many reasons, such as lack of water in the body, stress, chronic illness, or a bad lifestyle. So how to find out if your weakness is Kovid-19 or something else?

Has weakness become common during the second wave?

Weakness has also been a symptom of Kovid-19. It was previously seen in severe cases of Kovid-19, but medical experts and case studies have shown that most people feel weak in the early days of Kovid infection and this weakness may persist for a long time.

The level of weakness is also so high that due to this you will not be able to do any work. Even this can happen to any person of age, whether they are aged or a young child.

Our weakness and tiredness common symptoms of Kovid-19?

Weakness is the most common sign of Kovid-19 infection, but it can also be caused by many other viral infections. However, the coronavirus may have very high levels of weakness, which can last for a long time.

According to experts, weakness occurs in the body when the body's immune system releases the cytokine to relieve infection and inflammation. When the body fights with infection, you feel weak, tired. According to the WHO, weakness is the third most common symptom of Kovid-19 infection.

How is weakness different from exhaustion?

Although the difference between weakness and tiredness is not much, then the difference is important to understand. Exhaustion occurs when you feel a lack of energy. One who stays for a few hours and then heals by resting. At the same time, the weakness in Kovid is long-lasting, due to which the common people are unable to do daily work, no matter how much you rest.

Because of this weakness, you feel very dull, body ache, and lack of energy, but during Kovid, the weakness is not only much more, but there are many problems with it.

- Exhaustion is such that it will be difficult to get up from your bed.

- Feeling very weak, dizzy. The body feels hot or cold which means that the body is fighting inflammation.

- Decreased platelet count can also be a sign of Kovid. Ignoring it can prove to be life-threatening.- You may feel weak before you feel feverish or have difficulty breathing, along with which you may feel muscular pain. Also, back and headache that does not even go away.

Weakness may be the initial symptom of Kovid, but you may feel some other symptoms with it. If weakness or tiredness is more than 2-3, then immediately test Kovid-19 and isolate yourself.