Coronavirus Study: Can Corona In Children Have Serious Infection Or Not? know what research says


Worldwide, cases of corona infection have increased to 24 million, while the death toll has crossed eight lakh 27 thousand. The situation is becoming serious in India. There has been a record of 77,266 cases of infection on Friday. According to the Ministry of Health, the total cases of infection have increased to 30 lakh 39 thousand. Also, the total number of people who have died from this disease has also crossed 61 thousand. This is a disease that is quickly catching up with the elderly and those already suffering from some other disease, as their immunity is already weak. Although there was no clear information about the effect of this virus on children, research has been done in the UK, in which many things have come out.

A research study has been published in Britain on Thursday, according to which severe infection of the coronavirus in children is very rare, while their death from the corona is even rarer. This research has been done on children admitted to 138 hospitals in the UK due to the coronavirus.

According to research, out of the total children admitted to hospitals, only six died due to coronavirus, but they were already suffering from some other serious illness or health problem. The results of this research have been published in the BMJ Medical Journal.

Malcolm Semple, professor of outbreak medicine and child health at the University of Liverpool, UK, leading the team of researchers, says, "Looking at the results of this research, we can definitely say that the coronavirus is not causing great harm to children." is. He said that this research suggests that it is rare for children to take a severe form of corona and deaths from this are even lower.

According to media reports, if we study the worldwide data on coronavirus infection in children, then it is found that only one to two percent of children and adolescents have been affected by this disease and those who have registered cases of infection. Most of them have either minor symptoms of corona or no symptoms at all.