Coronavirus: Scientists claim - a drug of corona can protect against three epidemics


Drugs and vaccines continue to be discovered to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Meanwhile, scientists have made a shocking claim. In fact, according to research conducted by 200 scientists of the world, the nature of the pandemic SARS and MARS viruses is also very similar to the Kovid-19 virus. All three attack human cells through their spike proteins and infect them. In such a situation, the scientists who are engaged in searching for medicines or treatment can give protection against these three epidemics. Let us tell you that no medicine for SARS and MARS virus, like Kovid, has been made so far.

This research has been published in the journal Science. 200 scientists from 14 research institutes located in six countries participated in this research. He analyzed data from 7.4 million Corona patients in the United States, in which he first looked at what medicines were given to him and how much he improved infection. Now, based on this research, scientists will try to create a drug that will affect Kovid-19 as well as SARS, MARS, and all kinds of coronaviruses that can spread in the future.

According to the research report, scientists have identified similar vulnerabilities of Kovid-19 and SARS, Mars virus, on the basis of which anti-virus therapy will eliminate these viruses.

When did the coronavirus become deadly?

Common cold and cold are caused by the coronavirus. Its history is very old, but earlier they were not fatal. In 2002, coronavirus mutation occurred and the SARS epidemic spread. This was followed by the Mars epidemic in 2012 and now the Kovid-19 epidemic. Scientists predict that even after Kovid-19, other strains of Corona can cause havoc in the world. In this case, with the help of this research, it can help to prevent it.