Coronavirus: Re-use of surgical masks in this way, new research reveals


Until just a few months ago, there were situations in India that most people did not even know about the mask nor did they ever think about its use, but the corona epidemic changed everything. Now even children have started learning about the mask and its use. A few months ago, there was a lot of question about which mask is the best. It was best described as a cloth mask. There is one more thing that many people will not know and whether or not you can use a surgical mask again. Although it has been said by experts that surgical mask is for single-use, that is, it should not be used again, but now recent research has said that it can be used again.

A surgical mask is mostly used by doctors and nurses and since it is used only once, surgical masks are being destroyed in huge quantities worldwide. There is a scarcity of masks due to this, but the biggest damage is being done to the environment because surgical masks are made of plastic and are not destroyed quickly.

A research report published in The Last magazine outlines the measures for reusing surgical masks. According to the research, the risk of coronavirus is just 0.1% after putting the surgical mask in a paper for seven consecutive days. After that, you can use it.

Experts, however, believe that buying any type of mask from the market is preferable to homemade cotton masks, as homemade masks are most effective against infection. You can use any cotton cloth to make a mask at home or you can also buy it online if you want.