Coronavirus New Strain: How dangerous is the new Coronavirus from experts?


The successful vaccine of the coronavirus had given everyone some relief that its new type has once again spread fear around the world. Although UK scientists have done the research and confirmed that the new strain B117 spreads faster than the previous corona strain, it does not make people sicker. Scientists in England compared the case of 1769 old variants to 1769 new variants for research. In which it was seen that the new variant does not increase mortality nor patients are sicker than before, although research is continuing on the new variant so that it can be understood better.

Some cases of new variants of Corona have also been found in India. In this case, let us know what the Indian doctors are saying about this.

Virus behavior changes in new variants

It is affecting children and adults alike and it is spreading much faster than Kovid-19. Researchers say that Kovid's vaccine will prove to be effective in this. Most vaccines are effective against virus spike proteins. B117 first began spreading in the UK, with 5-7 changes in the spike protein genome. Social distancing, wearing masks, and using hand sanitizers are effective to prevent the virus from spreading. "

The new variant will not affect vaccination

Which was found in the UK or locally mutated. The most important thing is that the new variant of Corona will not affect the vaccination and the vaccine will prove to be successful. "