Coronavirus Myth Busted: Government claims that treatment of COVID-19 with hot water is not possible


Coronavirus has slept the whole world. The infection of this virus is spreading fast and people are adopting various types of prescriptions and illusions to prevent it. Some people believe that coronavirus can be avoided by eating garlic, while some people are misusing to beat the corona by using various Ayurvedic home remedies. Nowadays people are giving more emphasis on drinking hot water and bathing with hot water, they think that corona can be treated by taking bath with hot water and consuming hot water.

Let me tell you that WHO has already proved that coronavirus cannot be defeated by any such activity. Some people are consuming hot water all the time even in summer and bathing with hot water, which can also spoil their health. It is called a myth.

Consuming hot water is beneficial for health. Drinking hot water keeps obesity under control and many throat problems are also overcome. But you know that excessive use of anything can also spoil your health. Consuming too much hot water can cause you many problems.

Disadvantages of drinking hot water:

  • If you drink too much hot water, it can damage the internal organs of the body. Drinking hot water for a long time can also cause stomach irritation. Tissues inside the body are very sensitive, drinking too much hot water can cause blisters in the internal organs of the body.
  • Consumption of hot water affects the amount of blood. Hot water puts excessive pressure on the blood circulation, which can cause high blood pressure and many other cardio problems.
  • Hot water affects both kidneys more. Which affects the normal function of the kidney.
  • Some people continue to drink hot water even without thirst if doing so for a long time can cause swelling in the veins of the brain. Repeatedly drinking hot water can also cause headaches. Therefore, avoid drinking hot water again and again.
  • People are taking baths with hot water even in summer to avoid corona, you know, bathing with warm water makes the skin red and can cause rashes or allergies.
  • The skin may become dry due to hot water. Itching problems may occur in the skin.