Coronavirus: More smokers are 89 percent more likely to die from corona, new research reveals


Smoking has likewise been considered very dangerous for health, as doing so can lead to lung cancer, and now researchers say that more smokers are 89 percent more likely to die from coronavirus infection. Indeed, at the beginning of the epidemic, Professor Chris Whitty, the UK's chief medical adviser, insisted that 'if you are going to quit smoking, this is the best chance'. In addition, Health Secretary Matt Hancock also warned that 'earlier research has made it clear that smoking makes the effects of the coronavirus worse.'

Physicians at The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and Florida analyzed more than 7,000 coronavirus patients for research, revealing that patients who smoked for more than 30 years were twice as likely as those hospitalized, Who never smoked. Also, this research also showed that more smokers were 89 percent more likely to die from the corona.

Earlier, a small study was also conducted on 102 patients with lung cancer who found that those who smoked for 30 years had significantly higher coronavirus results than those who did so for 20 years. Were only bad.

Smoking greatly increases the risk of cancer, heart attack, and lung disease. These disorders have been associated with more severe coronavirus complications. Experts say that smoking also affects the immune system, making it harder to fight infection. In severe cases, the coronavirus can spread from the respiratory tract to the air sac (air sac) in the lungs, where gas is exchanged. This causes trouble in breathing.

However, there was a recent report from the All India Sero Survey, which said that smokers and vegetarians were found to have lower seropositivity, indicating that they were less likely to be infected with the coronavirus. . The study was conducted on 10,427 people. The survey also found that people in the 'O' blood group may be less susceptible to infection, while those in the 'B' and 'AB' blood groups were more at risk.