Coronavirus: Is Corona Re-infection More Dangerous Than Before? Know everything about it


In the US, a person has a corona infection twice. According to the doctor's report, the second time infection was more dangerous. This 25-year-old man was not getting enough oxygen in the lungs, then he had to be hospitalized. However, they are now cured. Cases of recurrence are rarely reported, but a Lancet study raises the question, 'How much immunity can be prepared against the virus?' In the current case, this American man had no known health problems that would particularly put him at risk of becoming corona infected.

When and what happened in this case:

March 25 - Early stages of symptoms that include a sore throat, cough, headache, nausea, and diarrhea.

April 18 - They are found infected for the first time.

April 27 - Initial symptoms completely eradicated.

May 9 and 26 - Coronavirus test negative twice.

May 28 - He started showing symptoms again, this time with fever, headache, dizziness, cough, nausea, and diarrhea.

June 5 - He is again found corona infected and his body has low oxygen levels. He started having difficulty breathing.

Scientists say that 'this patient had corona infection twice'. It was not at all that the earlier infection was not completely eradicated and that the infection had happened again. In both cases, when the genetic code of the virus was compared, they were found to be different. Doctor Mark Pandori of the University of Nevada said, "Our results show that a previous infection does not necessarily protect you from future infections." The possibility of recurrence of infection can prove to be very important for our understanding of the immunity of Kovid-19. He said that 'people who have been cured of coronavirus infection should follow guidelines like social distancing, mask and hand washing'.

Still confused about immunity

Scientists are still unclear about the coronavirus and its immunity. Can everyone be immune after infection? Can even those with mild symptoms be immune? How long can immunity work after infection? These are some important questions - to understand how the virus is going to affect us in the long run. Also, the answers to these questions may have an impact on the idea of ​​the corona vaccine and herd-immunity.

However, so far, fewer cases of recurrence have been reported. Out of a total of 3.7 crore corona cases, only a few are of re-infection. Reports from Hong-Kong, Belgium, and the Netherlands suggest that cases of the second infection after the first infection were not as severe. Such a serious case has come up in the South American country of Ecuador, but in that case, there was no chance of going to the hospital.

However, in case of an epidemic, there is no hurry to be done right now and the history of other diseases caused by the coronavirus shows that it is necessary to take precautions. As soon as the second round of transition starts, we can start getting clear answers about it.

Till now, it was believed that the second time when infected with Kovid would show mild symptoms and the patient would not be seriously ill, but in the case of a re-infected patient in America, it is difficult to answer why he is seriously ill. Lie. One thing maybe that there is a large amount of virus infection on their immunity. There is also a possibility that the initial immune response may have made the second infection more dangerous.

We have seen this in the case of dengue. In the case of dengue, when antibodies prepared for one type of dengue work on another type of dengue, they cause problems. Professor Paul Hunter of the University of East Anglia said that the short interval between the two infections and the severity of the second infection is 'quite worrisome'. He says, "Given the new things that have come to light, it is certainly too early to say about its impact on the immunization program, but one thing is clear from these results that we have to take this transition from immunity to immunity." There is not enough information yet. '