Coronavirus: How serious are the current conditions of the corona epidemic in India? Know the latest updates


On Sunday, 44,413 new cases of Kovid-19 infection have been reported in India. Also, the number of deaths from this virus was 511. For the first time in the last five days, the number of infected people has been less than 45 thousand. On Sunday, the total cases of corona infection in the country have so far crossed the 91 million mark. Also, the number of people who have died from this epidemic has reached close to 1.34 lakh. In the past few weeks, the number of corona patients in the country has started to increase suddenly. Along with the festive season, there have been Bihar assembly elections in October and November and by-elections in many other states. In Bihar elections, rallies at rallies did not seem to care about the rules of Kovid-19 like social distancing and masking. The arrival of winter can also be a reason for the increasing infection.

During festivals, markets in other states including Delhi were overcrowded and people appeared to be ignoring measures to prevent infection. Since then, it was feared that the situation of Kovid-19 in the country may deteriorate rapidly. Many experts are saying that the country is going through the third wave of Corona. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has also described the rapid rise in Kovid cases in the state as the third wave.

Dr. Preeti Kumar, vice-president of the Public Health Foundation, says, "We don't see this as a wave, because cases have increased or decreased at different places in the country at different times." It is difficult for public health experts or epidemiologists to name them a different wave. '

Dr. Dilip Mavalankar, director of the Indian Institute of Public Health, Gandhinagar, believes that winter, festivals, and people's negligence, Kovid-19 has gained momentum again due to these reasons. He says, 'This wave is in different stages in different parts of the country. This is clearly the third wave in Delhi. Looks like the second wave in Gujarat. ' On Sunday, 6,746 new patients of Kovid-19 have been found in Delhi, while the death toll from this epidemic has been 121.

Supreme court strict

On Monday, the Supreme Court took cognizance of the management of the Kovid-19 crisis and the mismanagement of the bodies of those who died. The Supreme Court ordered that all states need to be prepared to fight the situation of Kovid-19. The court has said that the corona is expected to deteriorate further and states will have to take urgent steps. The Supreme Court has also pulled up the governments of Gujarat and Delhi for the worsening situation in Corona.

Justice Ashok Bhushan, R.K. s. Reddy and M.R. Shah's Bench told Additional Solicitor General Sanjay Jain, appearing for the Delhi government, "Things have worsened in Delhi, especially in November." You should file a status report and explain what steps have been taken. The court has also asked all states to file a status report within two days. The next hearing on this matter will be held on Friday.

The central government inaction

On the other hand, after Delhi, the central government has come into action in view of the rise in Kovid-19 infection in some other states including UP. The center sent high-level teams from five states a week ago to help counter Kovid-19. Now the central government is preparing to send experts to three other states. These three-member expert teams will be sent to Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to hold a virtual meeting with the Chief Ministers and other representatives of the states and union territories on Tuesday to discuss the current situation of the Kovid-19 and its distribution strategy after the introduction of the vaccine. It is believed that Modi will have a meeting with eight states with a high incidence of infection, while the second meeting will discuss the vaccine distribution strategy with states and union territories.

Difficult in front of governments

Governments' policies to deal with Kovid-19 have also been repeatedly questioned. For example, the night curfew has been reimposed in many places, but the question arises whether this remedy will work. Similarly, the Delhi government Sunday issued an order to close two markets in West Delhi. The decision was taken by the government in view of the lack of precautions for these markets in Kovid-19, but the decision was withdrawn within hours of issuing the closure order.

To curb the deteriorating condition of Corona, the Delhi government has increased the fine from Rs 500 to Rs 2000 for those who go out without wearing masks. His decision has also been criticized. The Delhi government has also withdrawn the order to allow up to 200 guests for weddings. The Delhi government has also proposed to the central government to close the overcrowded markets. In the past several months, there has been a sharp accusation between the Center and the Aam Aadmi Party government of the management of Corona in Delhi. In Delhi, both BJP and AAP come forward in taking credit when the transition is controlled.