Coronavirus: Coronavirus causes brain damage more than lungs, new research reveals


So far, over 980 million people have been infected worldwide while more than 21 lakh people have died. Although the infection has reduced significantly in many countries than before, still the danger remains. Since Kovid-19 is a new virus, scientists are constantly researching to know about it fully. Many surprising things are also coming out in these researches. In recent research, it has been found that coronavirus causes more brain damage than lungs, which increases the chances of serious diseases.

This research has been done on mice. The research-related study has also been published in a journal called Viruses. Indeed, this study assessed virus levels in several organs of infected mice. The team of researchers found that the level of the virus in the lungs of infected mice was at peak three days after infection and then began to decrease. However, on the fifth and sixth days, high levels of infectious virus were detected in the brains of all affected mice. This happens when the symptoms of severe illness become apparent. These symptoms include difficulty breathing, confusion, and weakness.

Mukesh Kumar, assistant professor and principal researcher at Georgia State University, says, "Our view that this (coronavirus) is a respiratory disease is not necessarily true." Once it infects the brain, it can affect any part of the body, because the brain controls your lungs, heart, everything. The brain is a very sensitive organ, it is like a central processor for the body.

This study found that virus levels in the brain were nearly 1,000 times higher than in other parts of the body. According to the study, the virus reaches the brain quickly via the nose instead of the mouth, and once the infection reaches the brain, considerable damage can occur.

It has been claimed in many earlier types of research that the coronavirus has a profound effect on the lungs as well as the brain. Experts say that it is possible that the age of the brain is reduced to five years due to infection. This can cause much more damage to the body.