Coronavirus: Corona found in Chinese woman's eyes, happened two months after recovery


From the beginning, the same thing was said about the coronavirus that it enters our body through our nose and mouth and first attacks our respiratory system. In later months, further research showed that it can enter the body through our eyes as well. Now a similar shocking case of the corona has been reported in China. The coronavirus has been found in the eyes of a 64-year-old woman here. It would be more surprising to know that he got the virus in his eye two months after recovering from Kovid. Let us know in detail about this matter:

According to reports, a 64-year-old elderly woman was infected in January this year. It showed symptoms of dry cough for five days and diarrhea for nine days. After this, the woman was admitted to the hospital on 31 January. He was also having a fever. A CT scan of the chest showed the effect of infection in his lungs, after which a swab sample was taken from his nose. Corona's report came back positive after investigation.

The woman had no serious problems at the time she was found to be corona positive. There was no problem in the eyes. He started treatment and then on 18 and 20 February, he again underwent corona examination. He was discharged from the hospital when the report came negative in the investigation. Eight days after going home from the hospital, his right eye began to ache.

If the pain in his eyes started increasing, then he also had trouble seeing it. When the pain started becoming unbearable and the eyesight was very less, the woman reached the hospital. On March 8, physicians found the woman was suffering from a glaucoma attack. There was a pain in the eyes due to pressure. The doctor first gave him medicine and tried to reduce the pain, but if the medicines did not help much, then surgery was the only way left.

The woman underwent two eye surgeries at Center Theater Command Hospital in Wuhan, China. Right eye surgery On March 14, left eye surgery was performed on March 15. Despite this, there was constant pressure and pain in the eyes. He underwent surgery again on 10 April and during this time, when the tissue sample taken from the eyes was examined, he found a protein of coronavirus.

According to research published in the journal Jama Ophthalmology, there have been cases of 'ocular manifestation' in corona patients. In such cases, there is redness and swelling in the eyes. In the past, another research study has revealed that apart from the upper layer of the eyes, tears may also carry coronavirus. There have been reports of corona infection spreading through tears.