CoronaVirus: Antibodies derived from this animal will help in the treatment and prevention of corona, there is hope


Coronavirus infection is increasing once again in the country and the world. People are eagerly waiting for this vaccine. After Russia and China, many countries including India, America, Britain, Germany are close to success on the vaccine. Amid growing infections of the corona, scientists around the world are researching to find ways to treat it. Many of its drugs are available, while methods ranging from plasma therapy to monoclonal antibody therapy are also being adopted. In this series, scientists have found the hope of treating and preventing corona in antibodies derived from an animal. Let's know about it:

Indeed, scientists have discovered a method that helps in extracting a very small but powerful antibody of the coronavirus from 'lamas'. The Lama is an animal of the American camel species that is somewhat smaller in size. Scientists claim that the antibodies derived from it have the potential to treat and prevent Kovid-19.

According to researchers from the US University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, these specialized llama antibodies are called nanobodies and are much smaller than human antibodies in size. Researchers reported that these antibodies are highly effective in neutralizing the virus-spreading pandemic KARV-19 and are very stable.

Researchers resistant the black llama named Volley with a piece of the Sars-COv-2 enhancer protein, and after about two months, its immune system produced mature nanobodies against the virus. "Nature is our best inventor," said Yi Xi, the senior author of the study, published in the journal Science on Thursday.

Using the mass spectrometry-based technique, the lead author of this study and research assistant at Xi's laboratory, Yufai Shiang, identified nanobodies in volley blood that have a strong affinity to Sars-COv-2. Researchers claim that these nanobodies will prove to be the most effective therapeutic antibodies for Sars-COv-2.