Corona virus: know here what symptoms are seen first, something like this starts


The coronavirus is spreading among us very fast and the number of patients is increasing very fast every day. Compared to last year, this year, this virus is making a large number of people a victim. At the same time, the problem of beds and oxygen in hospitals has created double problems for the people. In such a situation, everyone is being appealed to stay in the house. But do you know how the corona makes you your prey from the first day till the 14th day, that is, what are its symptoms? If not, let's know about it.

Actually, people who are infected with the coronavirus. 88% of these people have a fever on the first day and also feel tired.

At the same time, people infected with the coronavirus have fever and phlegm from the second day and lasts till about the fourth day.

Whereas if a person is infected with this virus, he feels difficulty in breathing till the fifth day.

At the same time, cough and fever persist on the sixth day, and on the seventh-day people start having severe chest pain.

In addition, 15 percent of the patients who are infected with corona feel acute respiratory distress syndrome on the eighth and ninth day.

At the same time, breathing problems increase more in the 10th and 11th days of the corona victim.

Whereas most people stop having fever on the 12th day.

At the same time, breathing problems begin to end on the 13th and 14th day.

Note: Dr. S. C. Tiwari is a highly qualified and experienced cardiologist (cardiologist). He has studied MBBS.

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