Corona Virus: How to know if our immunity is weak? Do not ignore these symptoms


Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rajan Gandhi

Dr. Rajan Gandhi

General Physician, Childcare Hospital

Degree- MBBS, CH

Experience - 25 years

The thing that is being given the most attention in this corona period is our immunity because it is the only thing that protects us from any kind of infection. Our immunity protects us from various types of diseases. If our immunity is strong, then it is also possible to prevent lung, kidney, and liver infections and other serious diseases. Since earlier people did not pay much attention to their immunity, but people have become very cautious since the arrival of Corona. In such a situation, it becomes very important that how do we identify our weak immunity? Let's know from the expert about the symptoms of weak immunity ...

Fall ill again and again

If you remain mostly ill or fall ill again and again, and have persistent weakness, then understand that your immunity is weak. By the way, often many people have problems with colds and fever as the weather changes, this also indicates your weak immunity.

Always feeling tired or lethargic

If you always feel tired or lethargic, body pain persists, then it shows that your immunity is weak. Apart from this, not feeling fresh after getting up in the morning and low energy level throughout the day also indicates your weak immunity.

Wound healing

If you have a wound somewhere in your body and it is taking longer than other people to heal, then understand that your immunity is weak. Actually, people who have strong immunity soon have a dry crust on their wounds, which prevents blood from coming out of the body, but if a scab does not form on your wound quickly, it can be a sign of weak immunity. is.

Having stomach problems

It has often been seen that those whose immunity is weak, their digestive system is also weak and in such a situation they always complain of diarrhea, gas, bloating, cramps, or constipation. In addition, always feeling irritable can also be a symptom of weak immunity.

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