Corona vaccine is available in India for only 250 rupees! Click here to know its price in other countries


The corona epidemic still remains a cause of great trouble for the world. However, many countries in the world have been successful in creating a vaccine against Corona. These countries also include India.

By the way, the price of the Corona vaccine is the cheapest in India. While its price in China is very high. The Chinese vaccine is about 9 times more expensive if compared to the Chinese Corona vaccine from India.

The total cost of the Indian vaccine Covishield and Covaxin is Rs 250 per dose. While one dose of the vaccine of Chinese company Cyanovac is priced at Rs 2200. The American company Pfizer's Corona vaccine costs more than Rs 1,400.

The Corona Vaccine Sputnik-V of Russia is priced at Rs 730, the Covishield Vaccine in Saudi Arabia and South Africa is priced at Rs 390 and a dose of the Covishield Vaccine in Brazil is Rs 370.