Corona Vaccination: Vaccination in India from January 16, know how the preparation is in different states?


India is also taking a big step to eradicate the coronavirus and is starting a vaccination campaign from Saturday, 16 January. This campaign will be run across the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch the world's largest Kovid-19 vaccination program through video conferencing on Saturday morning. In this, 3,600 centers from all states and union territories will be connected through video conferencing. This vaccination program will be carried out on a priority basis, with the first phase being vaccinated by healthcare workers, frontline workers, people over 50, and people with comorbidity. According to reports, initially, around 100 people will be vaccinated daily at all vaccination centers. Let's know-how are the preparations for vaccination in different states of the country.


In the first phase in Odisha, one lakh 92 thousand health workers will be vaccinated on Saturday. These vaccines will be applied at 160 centers in the state. For the first phase of vaccination, Odisha has received doses of four lakh eight thousand covicshield and 20 thousand covaxine.

Tamil Nadu

All arrangements for corona vaccination in Tamil Nadu have been completed. The Chief Minister of the state, Iddapady Palnisamy will begin this campaign in Madurai. In the first phase, all government and private sector employees and military personnel Corona Warriors registered by the Kovin App will be vaccinated.


All preparations for the first phase of corona vaccination in Rajasthan have been completed. Vaccination will be done at 167 places across the state. According to reports, the vaccines have been sent to the district headquarters, from where these will be sent to vaccination centers and vaccinated to the needy.

West Bengal

20 thousand 700 health workers will be vaccinated at 207 vaccination centers in different districts in West Bengal. In Kolkata, 18 centers have been set up for this campaign. About 100 people will be vaccinated at each center with the first vaccine from the serum institute Kovishield.


All preparations for corona vaccination in Bihar have been completed. State Health Minister Mangal Pandey said that vaccine vials have reached all the 38 districts of the state. Vaccination webcasting will be done at 50 centers in different parts of the state. He said that two doses of the same vaccine would be given to people at intervals of 28 days.

Madhya Pradesh

Corona vaccination in Madhya Pradesh will begin at 9 am. According to reports, the first vaccine will be applied to a sweeper in each city of the state. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has said that both Kovishield and Kovaxin vaccines are completely safe.


The immunization program is commencing at 15 health centers in Tripura. Tripura director of National Health Campaign, Dr. Siddharth Jaiswal said that the state has received 56 thousand 500 doses of covisiled vaccine. He said that 45 thousand 420 health workers will be vaccinated in the first phase. Then in the second phase, vaccines will be given to frontline Corona warriors, including policemen, military personnel, municipal employees.