Corona Severe Symptoms: Do not ignore the lethal symptoms of the corona, get to the hospital as soon as possible!


Coronavirus infection is increasing day by day, the current situation has caused a worldwide outcry. New Covid strain is spreading rapidly among people. Today we are warning you about some important symptoms which are very dangerous.

This time corona infection is affecting the brain function and nervous system of many patients, there have been many cases in which the patient is going to faint. Many patients are losing their ability to think, so the situation is serious, in that case, go to the doctor immediately.

Do not ignore chest pain during a corona infection, the corona attacks the mucosal lining of the lungs, so the patient begins to feel pain and irritation in this part of the chest. Such a situation is not free from danger.

Corona is considered the most dangerous condition for an infected patient. The risk is increased due to shortness of breath, chest pain, or infection, in which case the patient should go to the hospital immediately.