Corona research reveals frightening figures, 12 lakh children and 57 thousand mothers may die by December


The havoc of the coronavirus is increasing every day and the numbers of infected are constantly increasing. Health services have been affected due to the havoc of Corona all over the world and general patients are also suffering due to this. There has been a lot of research about corona which shows its danger. Recent research has revealed frightening figures about the corona, according to which 12 lakh children and 57,000 mothers are estimated to be killed by December. Researchers at America's John Hopkins University have done this research study, the results of which are startling and also cause fear.

Researchers claim that in this crisis period of the corona epidemic, two and a half million babies can be killed due to a lack of necessary health services and lack of food. At the same time, these six months from July to December will be challenging for more than 10,000 mothers from poor countries. During this time, his life may be in trouble. According to the researchers, if the situation worsens, by the end of the year, 1.2 million children and 57,000 mothers in 118 countries could die.

The researchers' study is published in The Lancet Global Health. In this research study, by analyzing the data, researchers have tried to know how much effect corona has on the diet and health system and how many people are likely to die from its side effects.

According to the researchers, there is a lack of safe environment for mothers who give birth to children during the corona epidemic, in many countries they are not getting enough antibiotics. The death toll of those mothers has also increased rapidly due to this crisis.

According to the researchers, during this epidemic, antibiotics are not available in sufficient quantity to meet the nutritional deficiency in children and to protect against pneumonia-sepsis. This is a major cause of death risk in children. Researchers say that the lack of rehydration solution for children with diarrhea may also be the reason.

According to another research study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, almost all children with corona were suffering from stomach problems. Of the 171 children included in the study, 80 percent had heart problems. Those children had to be admitted to the ICU for a week. Four of them were killed.

75% of corona infected children are unaware of the disease. That is, three out of every four children are not aware of their illness. Such cases may increase this risk even more. Researchers have expressed the hope that policymakers will take these data seriously and issue guidelines for necessary facilities.