Corona is affecting the mental health of children along with elders, keep them safe and engaged in these ways


The lockdown may have been lifted but the threat of corona is still not averted. Keeping this in mind, people are managing their daily activities. One can be safe from this dangerous infection only by wearing a mask and by maintaining social distancing. But not being able to go out and meet friends has also taken a toll on people's mental health, especially children. Elders still have many ways to overcome boredom, but children had limited options, they also went away. Due to not going to school, not being able to play in the park, he is getting very upset which is affecting his mental health. So at this time parents need to take special care of them, talk to them to understand the problem and find out its proper solution, in which the tips given here can be helpful.

Try to understand the emotions

If the child is getting angry over small things, remains sad throughout the day, and starts crying over the slightest thing, then try to understand this behavior instead of getting irritated. Because it is a sign that the child is mentally disturbed.

Talk to them and listen to them

If you can take out time for entertainment from the busy schedule, then take out some time for the children too. Play with them, learn new things and engage in other activities. This will remove his boredom as well as he will also learn something new.

Personal space is also important

Along with being after the child throughout the day, it also shows not giving him personal space. So leave him alone for a while. So that he will do things according to his wish. Yes, but take care that he is not doing anything wrong.

Make sure to take some time out in the day for them

One advantage of work from home is that people have got a chance to spend time with their family. If you were not able to give time to the child due to work, then now take advantage of this time. Do childish things with children, give them love. This keeps them happy, which is very important for their mental development.